Catching up on the day-to-day, requests for thoughts on MAAA, and more.

December 2022

On BARDO, the many -isms in Latinidad, and what I'm looking forward to in the new year.

November 2022

This one's about the sun setting earlier and the sleep not getting any better and the days not getting any shorter.

June 2022

First draft is over, therefore, I am cringe... but I am free.

April 2022

But I lived, b*tch!

March 2022

In the Burgh, no less.
People should be less weird to Mitski. That's not the point of this newsletter entry but it needed to be said!

February 2022

Yes, it's about [REDACTED]. No, I can't post that on Facebook/Instagram lest I get disowned. IYKYK.
It's winter, and I'm staying warm.

November 2021

It's a little chilly now!

July 2021

It's hot outside. Here are some updates.

April 2021

A quick update on what's happened from the past year.